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October of 1996, businessman Yves Legoff (at the time General Manager and Administrator for his Consultant and Research Agency specialising in Financial Engineering, Environmental and Agri-food) he discovers the immense region of Abitibi-Temiscaming which was « apparently known as being part of the great white north of Quebec according to the population of southern Quebec. . . ! » ; even though the town of “Ville-Marie-sur-le-Lac” in Temiscaming is located directly west of the city of Quebec and almost the same latitude of Baie-St-Paul. 

During the following years, Yves Legoff starts setting roots primarily in Temiscaming mostly due to professional engagements in the livestock network. With the secluded micro-climate of this area located on the shores of Lake Temiscaming (100 km long), the first chalet builds her private house called “Le Pigeonnier” (The Pigeon Cove) which allowed her to spend her summers there as of 2001.

The love that evolved  for this little piece of paradise located on the shores of the majestic Lake Temiscaming attracted few people come take root and live there during the summer and automn seasons every year. They found it so pleasant it became more often than not a bi-weekly visit.  At the time, an air flight from Quebec City to Rouyn-Noranda took an hour twenty and then the drive over for an additional one hour forty minutes to reach their beloved chalet for some peace and quiet, all within 3 hours time, was well worth it for an exceptional getaway.

In October 2002, entrepreneur Yves Legoff took the time to walk over the expanse of land not yet developed or sold which was at the time part of the Domaine au Granit.  A few months later negotiations commenced with the land owners, the municipality of Duhamel-Ouest and the Regional Municipality of Temiscaming County to acquire all the land possible with the best view for sunsets and with sunshine filtering through the trees of this magnificent, breathtaking piece of property.

All of the lots are set up to face west and north west for an exceptional panoramic view of the lake.  By January 2003 the many administrative steps are set in motion so that in March of 2003 the development project for  TÉMIKAMI  finally sees the light of day, the lots are purchased.

Summer of 2003 becomes the most active time related to the work involved with heavy equipment, loaders, trucks etc. for the transport of granite and sand. The booming sound of the drilling through  granite rock for water at more than 300 feet deep.

The streets are created, namely Dona, Hedy, Marie-Josée and Mathilde, a dozen artesian wells drilled and channelling are implemented, electric hydro posts set up for hydro and phone lines, septic tanks and weeping fields all have been completed to start phase one, the construction of the first three chalets in the spring of 2004.  Inauguration was June 30, 2004 and the first clients stayed in one of the chalets that very night.  A memorable date for  TÉMIKAMI . . . !

In the year of 2005 (phase two) and year 2006 (phase three) 15 cottages and lodges were built.  The smallest to the grandest of them all, sprouted out of  nature’s rock outcrop over a period of less than 36 months. . . !

In 2007 the Inn Témikami came to see the light as part of phase four, an addition to this project.  Different in respect to the cottages but naturally complimentary in respect to the needs of the clientele.  The Inn Témikami with its restaurant was also a conference center with it’s various halls, conference rooms and lounges adapted and equipped to welcome groups comfortably with the official opening the summer of 2007.  Because of the recession in 2008, phase 5 of the project was at a stand still.

According to the changing needs of the population it was forcibly concluded to continue the plans for phase 5 of the original project in mind.  Finally in 2010 the Inn Témikami was starting to take shape.  In the fall of that year the Wellness Center “Relais-Santé Témikami-Plus” started out with the addition of a Gym and Spa/Sauna room.  Construction was still underway to complete the additional rooms by February of 2011 for massage therapy, hammam, tanning bed and lounge room also offering different aesthetic and body exfoliations and wraps.  In March of 2011, in addition to the 15 cottages,  rooms were completed at the Inn.  Today 80 people can be accommodated in our cottages and rooms with a variety of complimentary services.

Packages are offered “à la carte” to suit your personal needs or pre-made packages at competitive prices.  TémiKami; the Inn, Cottages, Wellness Center and restaurant Coucoushee offers more for your money when it comes to quality, cleanliness, professional care by registered professionals in their line of work and all this cradled in the comfort of nature on the shores of Lake Temiscaming.

Our prices takes into account, competitively and at all times, the competition versus what we propose «with or without cancelation insurance»  according to the accommodation offered at TémiKami for a local, interprovincial, national and international clientele.

All of this to say that TÉMIKAMI with it’s INN and Wellness Center make this a well known tourist attraction gaining recognition and popularity  locally and within the region of Abitibi Temiscaming and North East Ontario due to the televised publicity, « because we all deserve to be happy ! ».