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In combining the peacefulness of our RESORT with GENUINE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES as it has always been throughout our Wellness Center before the fire of December 19th 2016; not to forget the service of restaurant which you can still receive in various restaurants in Ville-Marie. The menus of these restaurants can be find inside of our cottages.

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For every purchases «CUT-PRICE…» and solde by any organization other than the Resort TemiKami: the location of the cottages and lodges are available for day, week and  / or weekends; but  « Except to say High periods » with minimal  1 Night location for the rooms or 2 consecutives nights in Cottage (except for last minute  reservation from 72 hours before the day of the arrival !); namely, the Rooms and the Cottages are not  «AVAILABLES» in Summer Period, for weekend with  statutory holidays like Christmas and New Year and finally for the period of eight weeks Snowmobilers from January 21th  to March 20th.

The GST & QST taxes are included, « but not the tips of 15% ».

The services and prices are subject to change without notice for some of the items in theses Cocoon Packages.